OctoMY will transition from github to gitlab shortly

Following the news that Microsoft has acquired github, we will consider transitioning all source code and material to gitlab in the medium to long term.

The reason we want to do this is that we feel there is a considerable risk involved when it comes to Microsoft's strategy relating to open source projects. Rather than blindly accepting this risk, we choose to mitigate it.

Expect more details about a possible move.


New from Boston Dynamics today

First is the longest video of spot yet with some screen captures of the actual software taht is running on it.

Second atlas is jogging around in the brush, jumping over a log


Moisty precipitation

If any robots we make are as successful as this, we have basically succeeded!


First really autonomous drone

Impressive work by smart people on first truely autonomous photography drone. See for yourself

Drones that learn to navigate without GPS from cars.

Cool article about training software in drones to navigate autonomously like cars in absense of GPS.