Unboxing RoBoard RB-100 from Trossen Robotics

I have been very excited the last few days, because the stuff I ordered from Trossen Robotics arrived in the mail.

The box contained:

  • RoBoard RB-100 Controller card.
  • Useful connectors for all the headers on the RB-100 (LAN, VGA, COM, Line in/out and USB x 2).
  • Mini PCI VGA card matching the RB-100.
  • 3 axis gyroscope with compatible SPI interface
  • 4 x 12VDC electric motor.
  • 3 x geared 12VDC electric motor.


RB-100 Robot controller mainboard

RB-100 kit cables

VGA Card

3-Axis gyroscope

4 x 12VDC Motors

3 x 12VDC Geared motors

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