Software stack schematic

As in my previous post, here is a draft of how I plan to lay out the software in the DEVOL robot.

DEVOL Software Stack schematic draft

It can be broken down to the following components:

Audio and Video inputs are filtered through a graph of detectors, recognizers and other more or less involved processes that translate them into useful events such as people, objects, facial expressions, distances, location and so forth.

These events are gathered together with sensor inputs in an event inventory where all events are classified, sorted, persisted, enriched and refined in real-time.

The core of the system is the "consciousness driver" which is simply the main loop of the program. It relies heavily on its array of close assistants that are responsible for their respective expertises of keeping up communications with HQ, inducing logic , keeping track of objectives, keeping track of ongoing dialogues, keeping track of appearances in form of pose and avatar and so on.

The consciousness driver will base its decisions on the content of the event inventory and its decisions will result in changes to pose, additions to the local logic facts database, output of audio dialogue and display of avatar on screen.

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