First impressions EMCO

Just a quick note on the EMCO CNC machine.

It looks kind of cheap the first time one lays ones eyes on it, but after tinkering with it for only a short period of time it has become apparent that is is of extraordinary quality.

Some of the engineering choices made during its design are truely free of comprimise.

For one, the computer has a sealed chassis cooled via a huge air-to-air heat exchanger that prevents dust to enter the electronics.

The electronics are spaced out with lots of clear to read maintenance instructions and lights to signify problems.

All the parts are of highest quality brand and make, such as the kraus & naimer switch with KABA lock system.

In the CNC machine itself, all the parts are made of quality steel, machined to perfection. Many clever solutions prevent dust and dirt to reach the contact points and ball-bearings.

The steppers have additional metal optical encoders to keep them in check, so does the spindle motor.

All cabling is masterfully arranged.

I could go on and on. In conclusion, this is a magnificent piece of equipment that I am looking forward to getting up to par.

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