Vulkan Path Tracer

Vulkan, the new graphics API to replace OpenGL and OpenCL in one fell swoop holds great promise. But It seems that adoption of this new technology is slow. It has been 6 months already and only a few tutorials, examples and projects have emerged that claim Vulkan support.

Since parts of what OctoMY™ will do requires enormous amounts of compute power, I have decided to explore the possibility of using Vulkan in OctoMY™. I am thinking avbout porting the smallpt path tracer (similar to a raytracer but more realistic at the expense of requiring more compute time) project to Vulkan. I might also look at smallptGPU and smallptGPU2 which is a port of smallpt for OpenCL for inspiration.

In the case that I ever get there, the project will be called smallptVulkan.

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