Electronic Cheat Sheet

EDIT (2014-06-03): Updated layout, added .PDF versions and fixed transparency issues with .SVG. This is version 3.0 of the cheat sheets.

This post could might as well be labeled Electrical Cheat Sheet. Since I am a beginner when it comes to electronics, I often need quick verification of even the most basic assumptions during my work with electric components such as resistors, capacitors, potentiometers and ICs.

Even simple things like Ohm's Laws and Watt's Laws will keep me thinking for minutes. To speed up the learning I decided to print out a few cheat sheets for these topics. I found the excellent work of to Ricardo Arturo Cabral Mejía that I shamelessly stole and adapted into my own set of SVG files that you can download.

Download SVG version of resistor cheat sheet
Download PDF version of resistor cheat sheet

Download SVG version of capacitor cheat sheet
Download PDF version of capacitor cheat sheet

Download SVG version of Ohm's & Watt's law cheat sheet
Download PDF version of Ohm's & Watt's law cheat sheet
PS: The google docs preview of the PDF looks broken,
but the actual PDF file is fine once you download it.

Other Cheat Sheets i made:

G-Code Cheat Sheet


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