I decided to test electromechanical actuators first.

In a previous set of posts I researched alternative ways to move the legs of my robot. Today I decided that I would try to make one prototype leg using electromechanical power, and then try other means later if I feel like it.

The reason I decided to make a prototype leg was simply that it allows me to think more clearly about the solution, and get a feel for the size and power required for such a leg.

The reason I decided to go for electromechanical first was 3-fold:
  • I will have a power train based on electric power no matter what power source I decide to use in the end. I won't need to care about the added complexity of pumps, hosing and valves which is inevitable for pneumatic or hydraulic solutions.
  • Using Electrical power directly will give me the most efficient use of power, instead of wasting it in a power-exchange along the way.
  • Electrical power will probably give me the highest precision due to the fact that pneumatic and hydraulic systems will introduce delay and sluggishness.
So how will I proceed?

I already have geared motors that I can use, so the next step is finding the ideal way to control them. I also need to actually build the body of the foot.

I will try to create a series of useful posts related to these two topics in the time to come. Stay tuned!

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