I need a H-bridge part #1

Now that I have decided to create a prototype limb using electromechanical actuators for my robot, it's time to make a checklist. What will I need to complete the first bare-bones prototype?

  • 3 x Gearhead motors: OK
  • 3 x DC Motor drivers (H-Bridge): buy or make?
  • 3 x Serial motor controllers with feedback:  buy or make?
  • 3 x Mounting hub for motorshaft: buy or make 
  • Building materials for the limb: I think I have some lying a round...
  • Power cabling:OK 
  • Signal cabling:OK
Other than this little shopping list, there are some highlights to the complexity of the limb. The joints will be rather complex, each in it's own way.

The hip is complex because it sports two hinges very close to each other. Since this is a prototype I will most definitely cut a few corners, but making the hip hinge in the final product will most definitely be a challenge.

Next comes the knee hinge where the shape of the limb near the knee will be critical. I want the thigh to bend outward when the knee is up in a way so that the leg can stand 100% vertically while being parallel to the thigh (see illustration below).

Then there is the distribution of control. I want the end product to be as modular as possible, so I want to concentrate as much of the control related to each motor together with that respective motor. Instead of having one big controller, I want many small controllers, one per motor.

First I will need to focus on the DC Motor driver issue, and once I found a suitable driver I will have to focus about the controller issue. I think I'll just get one motor up and running with a driver directly connected to the RB-100.

To be continued...

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