CNC Mill and Honda GX25 engine ordered

I had previously decided to make my own CNC Mill as part of this project. That was before I got money on my hands, and before I found a great offer on a used CNC Mill.

EMCO F1P-CNC Mill (to the right )with matching
EMCO tronic M1 controller (to the left).
Image shamelessly copied of the internet.

I have ordered it, and it will be arriving at my apartment in a week. It is an old "EMCO F1P" with a matching control/monitor unit "M1". Mor details will follow as I "unbox" it.

I also bought a Honda GX25 mini 4-stroke 1-cylinder petrol engine. If you have seen the post about power and electronics you will know that I intended to use a generator on board to provide longer range.

The engine arrived just 1 day after I ordered it, the unboxing of which will follow in a later post.


  1. Nice post mate, keep up the great work, just shared this with my friendz 5-axis

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