Flexibility, performance and scalability. Yes please!

I am very excited to have discovered that the path of 3 distinct fields of interest may intersect in an "almost too good to be true" combination of performance,  scalability, flexibility and developer-friendlyness .

I am talking about the vision code for my robot combined with OpenCL and LLVM. It turns out that many common vision algorithms such as SURF that I will need in the vision code for my robot may use OpenCL as a way to reach new levels of performance and scalability through the use of modern massively parallel hardware such as GPUs and APUs. Since OpenCL is inherently quite involved, the idea of making an  LLVM backend that automatically translate C/C++ code directly to compact and optimized OpenCL kernels is really appealing.

And this is what Simon Moll might just have made this possible through his thesis work which he has released. Thanks dude!

I hope to look into this as soon as i get more experience working with OpenCL in general.

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