ODE instead of IKFast

After working with IKFast for a while, I realized that the OpenRAVE + IKFast combo is overkill for my purpose, and It might not do what I need/want. I wrote my robot definition in XML based on one of the examples, loaded it in OpenRAVE and all was dany, except that it was really hard to work with. I have instead shifted my effort to creating a custom software in C++ / OpenGL / Qt5 / ODE.

Open Dynamics Engine joint types

The idea is to construct a model of the robot using ODE bodies connected with hinges, and then fit the model with linear motors in place of the linear actuators. The model will be constructed with realistic masses, sizes and motor speeds and torques in an environment with realistic ground friction and gravity. So this model will in many ways simulate a real hardware robot, with quirks and numerical errors in place.

Then the next step is to write a layered stack of controller logic that only receive as input the physical properties of the robot such as the limb sizes, masses and so on plus the robot state in the form of linear actuator position readings and the actual position of the limbs in the simulation.

By carefully crafting the logic in each layer of the stack, I can create a feedback loop that continuously "improves" the simulated state of the robot so that it resembles the desired configuration as much as possible.

Each layer will have its separate well defined set of responsibilities and well defined interfaces to the neighboring layers, allowing for experimentation within each confined layer bu exchanging modules.

This model will most likely make the work of finding good parameters for the robot much easier. Trusting the results will be easier.

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