Robot leg anatomy

Here is (mostly for my own reference) a simple glossary for the parts that go into a very simple robot leg, with illustration.

The leg is divided into 4 parts:
  1. Hip (Coxa)
  2. Thigh (Femur)
  3. Shin (Tibia)
  4. Foot (Tarsus)
I prefer simplicity so I will use the names in English, while others will prefer the names in Latin.

In my robot, there is no Foot, I just included that for completeness. Also this referece lacks any mention of joints or muscles (actuators). I simply lists the bones or "links".

Anatomy of robot legg showing Hip, Thigh, Shin, Foot (Coxa, Femur, Tibia, Tarsus).
I used wikipedia and this site for inspiration and reference: http://bugs.osu.edu/~bugdoc/Shetlar/462/462InsectMorphology/Morph03.htm

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