CNC Cheat Sheet

So my EMCO mill suddenly started working after months of stress and although I have become fairly familiar with operating it I quickly realized  that I know diddly squat about the important CNC milling stuff like G-Code or  how to work a CAD/CAM software to actually be efficient at milling. So I googled "G-Code cheat sheet", and to my amazement not a single high-resolution, colorful, to-the-point, well explained PDF file popped out. I was flabbergasted.

But, there were, after some digging plenty of black-text-on-gray-backround websites with comprehensive lists of G-Code that would be very useful. If only they were in printable format, to hang on the wall behind my machine...

So I decided to make one!

G-Code Cheat Sheet
Original files:

Download G-Code Cheat Sheet in .SVG format.

Download G-Code Cheat Sheet in .PDF format.

Please note that I am an absolute beginner, and I have made this sheet to learn this myself. I will not be held responsible if the information is wrong. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you find mistakes or if you have suggestions. Thanks!

Here are some sources I used:

Other Cheat Sheets i made:


  1. not a single comment eh? I recently google:ed a cheat sheet myself only to find low res ones.. Kudos for making one yourself!

  2. Good work, thank you !

  3. Thanks for your hard work! really helpful for me having to get up to speed in a couple of days.

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  6. Great work man,It's 2020 and this is still in the top 2 best cheat sheets.

  7. The uri in the lower right of the image is wrong. I had to use Google Image search to find this. :)