Small update

Since my last post I have been very busy. To summarize, I have aquired an old arc welder, and put it into order. I have discovered that i need a qualified electrician to install a bigger fuse in my workshop. I have mounted a standard servo to the throttle of the honda gx25 and remote controlled it.
I have ordered a bunch of atmel development boards and other ecu-relevant components from dx.com. I have been rather unsuccessfull at dismantling the freewheel from an old bike, and have decided to look for another. I have looked for alternative alternators to use for power generator, but found none so far. I am also currently investigating how to handle fuel pump and choke from ecu. Right now I am looking at just mounting one servo per function.
I have made very little progress on the emco cncs. Lastly i discovered that the parameter memory lasts much shorter than the advertized 3 months and decided to craft a serial cable so as to avoid having to manually enter the parameters all the the time. The cable is almost done, with just one shortcircuit that needs fixing.
Stay tuned!

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