Generator update

I have been stuck with progress for some time on the generator. It turns out alternators are hard to come by for free/cheaps. While i continue to look for alternators i have turned my attention to the "other end" of the motor, where I will be fitting the starter motor in place of the recoil starter.

After initial investigation, i made a makeshift tool to remove the wheel attached to the shaft that the recoil starter grabs durin a pull, and verified that the shaft is right way threaded M6 (5mm ⊙) with 1.0mm threads.

I have purchased two one way bearings of ebay and the plan is to make a 10mm ⊙ adapter with M6 hole to fit on the shaft and then slide on a one way bearing which in turn will be driven by a small electric motor somehow. Not sure how yet, i need to get some experience with one way bearings first. Peculiar thigs they are in deed, and from what i have read the can sometimes be fickle.

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