March/April update 2019

A silent blog for a one-man project usually means one of two things:

1. The blog or project (or man) died
2. The project is in high gear and there is no time for silly things like blog updates.

Luckily for all involved, in this case it is the second, as we are making huge strides of progress in the project! Here is a short summary of recent improvements:

  • A debugger has been implemented that shows internal variables and state for a variety of features in real time in the UI of the nodes. This will allow for much quicker debugging.
  • A service manager has been implemented to automatically resolve dependencies of "services" for the node while activating or de-activating features such as discovery.
  • The UI of agent and remote has both been rebuilt from scratch and they now have discovery working.
Future effort will be to gradually add support for one new feature at the time from the list below while maintaining a working system. Slowly but steadily we will bring the platform up to full potential while ensuring no parts stop working along the way:

  1. Pairing
  2. UI for enabling/disabling discovery
  3. UI for enabling/disabling pairing
  4. AgentStateCourier
  5. Multi client support in remote
  6. Multi client support in agent
  7. UI for selecting client in remote
  8. UI for selecting client in agent
  9. UI for selecting control level in remote
  10. Generalized support for adding arbitrary UI widgets for different control levels in remote
  11. UI for actuator control level
  12. UI for animation control level

Beyond this we need to revise the plan (and probably it will be revised many times before we reach this stage).

Again I have to extend my gratitude to the breathtaking Ms.Y for her gracious mental support!

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