All you need to know to build kick-ass LiPo batteries

I came across this excellent series of videos on the subject of building your own LiPo battery. It was made with electric bikes in mind, but the information is equally useful from the perspective of someone making batteries for any other application, such as robotics.
I decided to share the playlist containing 5 parts here.
A summary of the parts:
  • Part 1: Battery layout, serial vs. parallel etc.
  • Part 2: Welding batteries together using special purpose spot welder and nickel strips.
  • Part 3: Choosing and installing a BMS (Battery Management System).
  • Part 4: Sealing the battery with shrink wrap tube, kapton tape and foam.
  • Part 5: Choosing an appropriate charger.
And finally, a web-shop that supplies the best 18650 cells (Panasonic 18650GA).

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