Screens vs productivity

It's been awfully quiet lately in the OctoMY™camp. Things are moving under the hood as always, albeit in a different manner than you might think.

All development has been put on hold the last few months an a new secret project has been put into motion in an effort to gather some funds for OctoMY™.

Without spoiling anything, here is a tip that might help you improve productivity in your own projects!

Buy more screens. Lots of them. My current setup is like this:
Big-H configuration
I have two vertically aligned 1080P 24" screens on the sides and two 4k 28" horizontal screens in the middle. The three "tiny" 15" screens above are actually touch screen computers. I use them for testing OctoMY builds during development and for showing operations statistics.

Anyways, getting used to this amount of screen real estate takes some time, but after you get used to it there is no going back. Your brain will accept and learn to take advantage of windows staying put in one location without having to switch around too much, and your way of working and speed will gradually increase.

Also a bonus tip that has also contributed to my current level of working speed; leave your computer and screens on even when you are not using it. I know this is a big no-no in todays environment-focused mindset. I think of it this way; the innovation I create with this setup will in the future far offset the power I spent having my screens on. And if you don't feel the same, convert your energy supply to a environmentally friendly one. You should have done that regardless if you really care....

Have fun and happy coding!

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  1. I find dual monitors to be more helpful for your productivity and less a distraction. Particularly helpful if you're doing a professional ghostwriting task that involves consulting multiple data sources, then the work flow is smoother. If I'm working on data entry with a spreadsheet I really want two monitors, it's gotten to the point where I've gotten too fussy to use a laptop for spreadsheet work because using just one screen slows me down too much.With that said, if you're internet browsing then having a massive number of tabs open can prolong the time you spend surfing.