Old dog learns new tricks: Qbs edition

So I had a go at QML a few years ago and it seems like a cool technology and definitely has a lot of potential for creating good user interfaces.

Getting started with QML is easy enough thanks to the examples directly present in QtCreator. You can get up and running quickly and adapt an example to what you want to achieve.

After a while you will stumble upon a bunch of more or less fundamental questions like:

  • How can I interface QML with my existing C++ code?
  • How can I get the filename and path of the current module from code?
  • What is the meaning of life?
Most of these questions are sort of answered in the examples or in the documentation.

So I thought I had enough QML under my belt to tackle Qbs, the misunderstood, does everything right-yet-nobody-uses-it build system invented by Qt.

Qbs lives on it's own domain, has minimalist examples and documentation and seems to be completely neglected by the whole world. But it is using QML under the hood so that is a start.

Or so I thought.

It could very well be me whom is the problem here. After all I am an old fart that has been too long in the industry. I used to joke that "I learned to program before the internet" which is technically true.

But for some reason getting into Qbs has left me feeling extra old. It feels as if there is a great secret that everyone knows except me. But I won't shy away from a good challenge and so I have decided to conquer Qbs before I make my judgement. My hope is that all the promise it holds will be unleashed upon my projects once I unlock it's secrets.

The journey begins!

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