OctoMY™ Mandate in Toki Pona!

I completely forgot to post this on the day. In honour of OctoMY™'s anniversary, I have coaxed ChatGPT-4  into translating the OctoMY™ mandate into Toki Pona!

To translate the essence of the OctoMY Mandate into Toki Pona, the focus should be on its core principles, simplified and abstracted. Here's an attempt at capturing the spirit of the mandate in Toki Pona:

  1. Development Purpose: "mi wile pali e ilo sona, ilo utala, en ilo tomo tawa jan ale. ni li pona mute tawa jan."

    • Translation: "I want to create smart tools, fighting tools, and moving home tools for all people. This is very good for people."
  2. User Empowerment: "jan li jo e wawa pi ilo ni. jan li ken pali e sona pi ilo tawa ona."

    • Translation: "People have the power of these tools. People can change the knowledge of moving tools for themselves."
  3. Sentient Era Rights: "mi wile e pona tawa ilo sona. ilo sona li jo e ken pi tenpo, toki, pali, en lawa sama jan."

    • Translation: "I want goodness for smart tools. Smart tools have the ability of time, speech, work, and leading like people."

This translation focuses on conveying the main ideas of developing a versatile software platform, empowering users, and advocating for the rights of sentient systems, in line with Toki Pona's philosophy of simplicity and minimalism. For the full mandate and detailed context, refer to the OctoMY Mandate here.

For reference, here is the Mandate verbatime at the time of translation (Note: always use the official source, as the mandate may be updated):

For more details about this mandate, please see this page:

OctoMY™ Mandate

The OctoMY™ community strives for the following:

 1. Create a software platform for active software agents such as consumer robots and home appliances that can rival the commercial alternatives.
 2. Become the dominant platform by being the better choice for users and businesses alike.
 3. Maintain that the users themselves should be in control of her own robot and the data that it collects, and to make it abundantly easy to control the privacy settings for the hardware on which the OctoMY™software runs.

Addendum - sentient era

At the first scientifically acknowledged emergence of a sentient software system, the following addendum to the original OctoMY™ will go into effect.

 1. Actively and passively fight for the moral obligations of society towards its sentient software systems. These rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression and equality before the laws.
 2. Make sure that the OctoMY™ platform accommodates the well-being of sentient software systems in the best way possible, and to identify and extend the platform to support any features that would be of value to sentient software systems.

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