Limb prototype v2.0

I got new parts from pololu.com and decided to go right ahead and create the second prototype limb for my robot. Thanks to the mounting brackets and wheels, making this prototype was a breeze!

Here are the steps:

I cut two 30 + 3 cm tubes like last time.

I flattened the end of the Femur with pliers.

I found some screws that would sit in plastic, and a drillbit that was "just too small".

I eyeballed the mounting bracket for where to drill.

Applying the pliers ensured that the tube stayed flat while tightening the screws.

Two screws in place.

All screws in place.


Motor fastened to mounting bracket.

Eyeballing where to drill holes for wheel in Tibia.

The screws don't fit, but I just force them through the aluminum.

Screws in place.


Wheel mounted on Tibia.

Knee joint complete!

Different angle.


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