Limb prototype v2.0 hip joint

I continued with my limb prototype and added a hip joint. It isn't the most clever design ever but it sort of works as intended. I have learned that joints are hard to get right because:
  • The gears in the motors add slack that make the limb "wobble".
  • The motor axle needs some kind of reinforcement to be used in a joint. In the prototype I just used the axle and nothing more, but I should look into ways of adding support on the back in addition to the axle, and probably add some bearings to add support.
  • The geared motors are very long, and it is hard to conceal them in a normal limb body.
I flattened the other end of the femur and eyballed out places fo the screw holes.

I drilled the holes and found some more screws that would sit in plastic.

First two screws in place.

All 4 screws in place.

I decided where to attach the axle wheel to the motor bracket in the hip.

I marked where to drill holes.

Two holes drilled.

Wheel securely attached. I decided to just have 2 screws in this prototype.

Motor attached again.

Tadaa! Complete limb with knee and hip joint.

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