Table stand for limb prototype

I decided to make a stand for my prototype limbs to make it easier to test them. Basically it consists of a wooden frame that could lie level on a table, with the limb hip joint attached on the top of it.

Measured up 30cm of wood.

And another 30cm of wood.

Cut a perfect 45 degrees of the end.

And again 45 degrees.

First piece ready.

45 degrees again.

The second piece soon ready.

First two pieces ready, now eyeballing out the length of the final piece of the triangle.

It's been cut.

All three pieces ready.

Drilling holes for screws to join the two first pieces.

Hole and screw ready.

Screw on it's way in.

Two screws in opposite direction in place.

Now for the base.

Wooden frame complete.

Metal reinforcement plate screwed in place.

Eyeballing out where to put the wheel.

Using a spike to mark where to drill.

Drill markings ready.

Some long screws that will sit in wood.

Screws in place.

Limb prototype v2.0 mounted on the stand.

Closeup of hip hinge axle wheel.

Closeup of hip hinge

Tadaa! Table stand finished!

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