Unboxing breadboard and bench top power supply

I just received a bench top power supply with adjustable voltage (0.0 - 32.0 VDC) and current limit (0 - 2 Ampere @ 32V), together with a breadboard kit and an anti static mat for my workbench. I will use this to build the controller cards for the motors in my limb prototype.

Box, unopened.

Pink inflated wadding.

My stuff!

Anti-ESD conducting rubber bench mat

Bread board.

Jump wire kit for bread board, bubblewrapped.

The power supply, boxed.

Opening the power supply box.

Out of the bag.

Front panel.

Back side heatsink.

Bread board unboxed.

Jump wire case closed.

Jump wire case open.


  1. How much did the bench top power supply cost you? And where did you buy it? :D

  2. Hi and sorry for the late reply!

    I bought it through a local Norwegian online shop for electronics and tools called "elfa" (https://www.elfaelektronikk.no/elfa3~no_no/elfa/init.do?toc=19741&filterClause=COL_12%3D2&pageSize=25)

    The powersupply doesn't seem to be in their assortment any more, but you can google it: DF-1730SB3A.

    It cost me 1 692,- NOK which equates roughly to 275 USD. Everything is really expensive in Norway, so it could be much cheaper elsewhere.