I need a H-Bridge part #3

My two last posts about this subject were rather general. I have since then ordered some equipment, and spent a lot of time thinking about how to build my motor control board. This post will summarize what I have pondered thus far.
  • I will first build a working circuit of the power part (H-Bridge) of the motor control board  using a breadboard. I will play around with it, and switch components and wiring until i can get it to work optimally. I will use my RB-100 controller to drive it.
  • Once I am satisfied with the power part, I will continue with the control part. In this stage I will use the RB-100 to send commands to the control part over I2C or similar, and create software on the receiving end using a PIC controller on board the control board that in turn will drive the power board.
  • Once the whole configuration has been thoroughly tested and works flawlessly under all sorts of extreme conditions such as motor stalls/ over-power/under-power/ forced reversal, extreme temperatures, and once I get optimal power efficiency, I will continue by making a compact set of PCB layouts, and continue with etching them and building the first version.
For the power part, I have gathered a set of information resources that I think is really good. Here is a list of links:

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