Android on HP tx1000 update

My effort to install Android on a HP tx1000 convertible tablet was a success. Essentially i duplicated the example configuration files that were made for a later HP laptop model to suit the more humble specs of my device, and after a few rounds of trial and error it booted android and everything was swell.

However, just as it was starting to get fun, the device died on me. I have put my plans for x86 Android device on hold while working on other much more important and pressing software components like IK.


  1. Anonymous13/2/14 16:21

    Hi was interested on putting Android on the hp tx1000 model. Is there a way you can email me the steps and proceedures you took to install the test os? I tried over and over with no success but this post gave me hope that it can be done. geeksquadforyou@gmail.com


  2. Hi!

    I don't remember the routine exactly, but I found some old files that may prove useful in some way. I think they are configuration files for hardware compatability. As I said, this is way in the past, and there has been A LOT of water under the bridge. YMMW. But here are the files: http://goo.gl/9wjGfO