Paralella: Cheap supercomputer in credit-card form factor

My robot will require a lot of on-board processing, and this is a challenge given that it should be able to go on for days without charging. So finding the hardware with the right cycle to power ratio is a challenge.

While looking around the internet I found  the paralella board.

In short it is a 5watt board with 66 OpenCL compatible CPU/GPU cores that apparently delivers up top 90Gflops! The form-factor is the size of a regular credit card.

I have previously contemplated using an AMD 7990 graphics card in combination with an AMD g-series SBC. While delivering a staggering amount of raw OpenCL performance, that solution will also draw an excruciating amount of current. Given that these little paralella boards can be stacked in clusters, I would be able to write software that would scale the current draw with the required amount of computing power.

An intriguing thought indeed!

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