Anatomy of a step motor

I decided in the beginning of 2015 to stop spending time on my EMCO F1P CNC machines instead of the main goal of the proejct. Ironically that made me spend more time on the CNC,because I need to get them out of the way quickly.

Long story short, I want to convert one to use a new control board but without sacrificing the step motors. So I have now carefully removed one step motor (Z-axiz) and opened it up to see what's inside it.

Based on what I have gathered from searching around and posting a question on stack exchangel, this motor is most likely a bipolar motor with 10 windings.

Some pictures:

10 coils

Coil wiring

5 Screws

Removed connector housing.

10 wires + ground.

Motor removed from belt

Belt drive with tacho generator

Heat-sink with thermal paste.

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