Qt5.6 is out now

OctoMY™ is in many ways a showcase of Qt. Not only because I happen to think that Qt is the best development platform ever, but because it also happens to be a perfect fit for the project.

Fore each feature I want to add there seems to be a perfect Qt module ready to handle it. It is mind-blowing. Need to make a new parser with dynamic loading of shared objects that allow controlling arduino boards over serial, crossplatform? Check. Need to gather real-time data from GPS, accellerometer, gyro, compass and temperature sensors on Android and stream them over UDP together with video from 2 cameras attached via USB to display them in fancy 3D accelerated views on desktop application running on Ubuntu -or- another Android application? Check. Compile all my icons in SVG format directly into the binary? Check. I could go on an on about this, but I won't.

Instead I want to celebrate the arrival of the latest version Qt5.6, because it has (as always) an impressive list of new cool features and bug fixes) that I have been waiting eagerly for:

  • Support for C++14
  • Updated Qt3D (I need a way to render the robot state, and the last version of Qt3D left a lot to be deserved)
  • Updated Camera support (this was really buggy on my platforms)
It also promises a lot of bug-fixes because it is a long term support version.

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