4-Wheeled rig build

I currently have 3 "rigs" I want to integrate OctoMY™ with. The hexy hexapod robot from arcbotics has been featured a few times before on this blog, but the other two have yet to be exposed. This post is about a 4-wheeled rig based on an old Traxxas TMaxx nitro engine RC truck.

This is how the tuck looked initially (with cover off).

At this stage I have stripped everytihng except the steering servo (which will be used).

Just a random "shop" image. This room is now painted gray and tidied up to look like a TV studio.
This is how it looks now with 12V Lead acid battery, RC ECU and mobile holder.

Closeup of RC-ECU and separate power for it.

Underside shows the geared electric motor (notice it is now only 2wd).

Closeup of mobile holder in front.
Right now it works as an RC car, but I will soon integrate it with OctoMY™. The current blockage is that the final step in discovery needs to be implemented (handoff, storage and use of recent connection parameters from discovery through to pairing). This part in turn needs some more UI work to allow sensible multiplexing between devices in remote.

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