iMacwear W1 Unboxing

I recently purchased the iMacwear W1 Full Android smart watch for testing with OctoMY™ software. I will put it as a recommended device in the shop page as soon asi get the OctoMY™ agent to run without problems. But before that, le't do the unboxing!

Neat gift box with magnetic lock

Tidily arranged contents

Top compartment contains user manual

Watch is strapped to black velvet cushion

Polishing cloth under the watch

All the box content side by side

Accessories box open in the short end

Contains pogo USB data/charging cable in plastic bag

Pogo cable removed from bag

Closeup of pogo USB connector showing gold plated pogo pins and magnets

Back side of watch showing wrist band

Protective film for screen (I removed once already)

Backside of watch

Closeup of backside showing pogo pad and sim slot.

pogo cable connected

After 3 hours of charging, showing main watch screen.

After removing protective film
Main menu

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