Wheeled rig update

So I put in some time on the wheeled rig:

OctoMY™ Wheeled rig with speakers, buzzer, warning light and electronics mounted.
Side closeup showing the battery mounting bracket and port holes where wires will be fed into the electronics box.
Front closeup showing the stereo speakers and alarm buzzer.

New features include:

  • Created and mounted two separate stainless steel speaker housings made from the caps of  awesome waterwell™ bottles.
  • Mounted a piezo deterrent/attention grabbing buzzer.
  • Created a mounting bracket from stainless steel wire to hold the lead acid battery.
  • Found the perfectly sized and shaped weather proof electrical box for mounting all the electronics for the robot.
  • Created a mounting plate for the electrical box from an old plastic plate I had laying around my shop.
  • Mounted a LED warning/attention grabbing flash-light on top of the electrical box.
Still on the TODO list:
  • Mount all the electronics in a smart way inside the electronics box
  • Connect all the electronics together and test it
  • Protect the wires from wear/damage/water
  • Protect the whole rig from water
  • Paint job? Not sure about this

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