Two new widgets

I have been making tremendous pace on the OctoMY™ development lately. Despite being sick several times and super stressed out at work I managed to put in some serious coding effort.

My latest innovations include two new widgets;

The first is the user interface for remote controlling wheeled robots, where first channel is throttle and second is steering angle. It looks like this:

OctoMY™ Remote interface for RC Car type robot.
Relevant code is here.

It works as expected, the red dot follows your movements along the wheel to steer, while the yellow bar grows with the distance you move away from the wheel in upward direction, indicating higher throttle. If you move below the wheel the bar turns blue and you will start reversing (or breaking, depending on your controller).

The second interface is part of the agent configuration program and allows the user to sett up the number of actuators and the correct mapping of named agent outputs to indexed controller input channels. It looks like this:

OctoMY™ Agent interface for mapping outputs to servos.
Relevant code is here.

To use it, simply select the number of actuators you will be needing in the spin-box at the top. Proceed to name them their logical names using the rename button. Finally, map them to indexed servos by clicking the buttons to connect in order. I was especially happy with the way my "virtual wires" turned out.

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