Software update

Just a quick update on software side:

Software Update

  • We are in the middle of a major overhaul of CommsChannel class after some shortcomings were discovered. Initially the idea was to postpone this overhaul but we discovered that if we did not carry it out right away comms would not work at all. This work is extensive and it will take some time for it to heal completely and become usable again. The gist of it is that the protocol was lacking session management, and simply pretending a session was open was not working.
  • We have invented a new serial protocol suitable for interfacing Arduino boards with OctoMY, and we have aptly called it ArduMY™.  Since it was decided to use the wheeled rig as the first robot to use OctoMY instead of the Hexy as was originally planned, we hit upon a snag with the controller. While the Hexy controller board "Servotor32" basically has only servo outputs, the wheeled rig needs many GPIO pins to control auxillary stuff like lights and buzzer. Also it runs on 5-7V while wheeled rig has 12V battery, so we simply could not use the Servotor32 card. Instead we have purchased an Arduino Mega as a replacement, thus creating the need for a new serial protocol.

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