Milestone: OctoMY now builds for Windows!

It has always been an ambition of this project to be portable accross platforms, and I am happy to announce that the first successful build of the project was completed today.

This marks a milestone for the OctoMY project, and I hope to maintain this success in all future versions.

On the technical side, the project was built with the mingw tool chain supplied with QtCreator. Some more work remains before we can have MSVC builds, but we are getting there ever so slowly. Also many features were disabled in the build. I added a few more compile time switches to allow disabling some features that will require more work before being ready for windows. And also, there are already some bugs. But, a successfull and running build is a sucessful and running build!

OctoMY Agent running on Win10

OctoMY Hub running on Win10

OctoMY Remote running on Win10