Unboxing electronic components batch #1

My first electronic components arrived today, and I am thrilled! This is however probably not the last time I will be unboxing electronic components on this blog. In fact, I allready need to order replacements after I accidentally ordered all my diodes in SMT instead of through hole form factor, which I needwhen working with a breadboard. On to the unboxing:

Unopened box

Lots of antistatic wrapping and padding

All content before unbagging

511-TIP102 Transistors

844-IRFZ48RPBF Transistors

863-MBRS140T3G Schottky diodes (FAIL: i got SMT instead of though hole).

863-MMBZ5240BLT1G Zener diodes (FAIL: i got SMT instead of though hole).

604-WP154A-RGB RGB Full color LEDs

625-1N4933-E3 Diodes

10w 4.7 ohm resistors for simulating loads

551-PS2501-4-A 4 channel optocouplers

511-TIP107 Transistors

652-4308R-102-ZLF-1K 4 channel 1 KOhm resistor arrays

652-4308R-102-ZLF-10K 4 channel 10 KOhm resistor arrays

652-4308R-102-ZLF-560K 4 channel 560 KOhm resistor arrays

All sorted in boxes, with the mouser Serial number labels intact for reference (not all the components have specs written on them).

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