Unboxing UV eching kit

I just received some UV etching stuff for making PCBs that I ordered from krepro in Norway. The plan is to use this for creating H-Bridges and motor controller cards for the joint motors of my robot limbs. I forgot to ordet to very important items, which I have now ordered separately; the photo resist developing fluid, and thick rubber gloves to protect my hand while etching. The etching agent is really  not good for you! On to the unboxing:

The box, unopened.

Old newspapers as wadding? These guys are pros...

Bubble wrapped etching tubs.

Bubble wrap removed.

Two smaller tubs.

And one larger. The idea is to fill the big one with hot water to heat up the small one inside it while I etch in the small one. The Other small one is for cleansing in clean water.

Pack of UV resist Print boards.

Etching agent.

Ink-jet foils for printing PCB patterns.

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